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Power State Failure

This blog is focused on another lesson which is similar to the lesson I learned in the previous blog.
No extended post was written, because of the situation of the issue.
Descriptions about BSOD error codes are from my own opinion based on 2+ year BSOD debugging experience.

The problem description
I am trying to fix a computer for the neighbors kid. It will not boot up at all. Here is what I have tried so far.

1. Repair the disk. It took several hours and failed at the end.

2. Restore from a backup. Same as above. Failed at the end

3. Reset PC (keeping files and erasing everything) no luck with either

4. Get to the command prompt and do a chkdsk . When i hit enter I received a message “The File Type is NTFS” and nothing happened.

5. Boot into safe mode. Once it reboots and I get to the screen with 9 selections. Whatever I select it reboots and does nothing. The screen is on like its loading but it never loads.

The error on the BSOD I get sometimes says its a Power State Failure. Could the Hard Drive be messed up too? I am not sure what to do next?
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