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BSOD installing Windows on empty drive

For this post, no extended post was written because no dump could be provided.
Additionally, for this kind of troubleshooting another computer that can be used for testing is recommended but not required. This is only the case if the DOS tests don’t give any errors.
The problem description:
i just completed a new computer build with a i3-6100 and a gtx760 with an msi h110m mobo and 8gb of gbmicro ddr4 single stick.

Now i need to install windows 10 on a EMPTY hard drive without any os(the hard drive is not brand new but its still very usable), and at like 25% the install crashes every time with a kernel security failure what the heck am i supposed to do ?

i am using a usb drive to boot the windows 10 install
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My first BSOD blog post 0x21A Analysis

This blog is focused on my first BSOD blog post, which is about 0x21A analysis.
Descriptions about BSOD error codes are from my own opinion based on 1.5+ year BSOD debugging experience.
Some information about the situation

The problem description:

While playing my Computer randomly crashes. It happended several times now and i don’t know where the issue is. The Computer once had a several BSOD in succession, but works again. It also happend while watching a movie.
I also get a Blackscreen randomly without doing anything. The screen becomes black,sometimes red, and works again after a reset. Therefore i guess it is GPU related but i am not very sure, because it also happend just while watching a movie.
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