Power State Failure

This blog is focused on another lesson which is similar to the lesson I learned in the previous blog.
No extended post was written, because of the situation of the issue.
Descriptions about BSOD error codes are from my own opinion based on 2+ year BSOD debugging experience.

The problem description
I am trying to fix a computer for the neighbors kid. It will not boot up at all. Here is what I have tried so far.

1. Repair the disk. It took several hours and failed at the end.

2. Restore from a backup. Same as above. Failed at the end

3. Reset PC (keeping files and erasing everything) no luck with either

4. Get to the command prompt and do a chkdsk . When i hit enter I received a message “The File Type is NTFS” and nothing happened.

5. Boot into safe mode. Once it reboots and I get to the screen with 9 selections. Whatever I select it reboots and does nothing. The screen is on like its loading but it never loads.

The error on the BSOD I get sometimes says its a Power State Failure. Could the Hard Drive be messed up too? I am not sure what to do next?

Link: Power State Failure

The BSOD present with usual cause
– 0x9F,

  • Device driver

My own experience with this bugcheck:
This BSOD mostly occurs with the first parameter 3 what means that a device object has been holding up an IRP for too long. This BSOD is usually very simple as it’s not much more than running the !irp command on parameter 3, the blocked irp, to dump the IRP structure which then shows what driver has been blocking the IRP. In exceptional cases it’s due to hardware.
Because there is no dump to debug, I was thinking that possibly the RAM was bad and corrupting data so I first suggested MemTest86+. After 11 passes it turned out the RAM was presumably fine.

The next step, the hard drive.
A very common problem with many users is hard drive problems, this is either due to
– lack of maintenance
– improper surroundings
– user being uncareful

Due to the situation the user was unable to install HDTune regularly, fortunately there is an excellent WinPE that has HDTune installed already (see reference).
The user ran HDTune and posted an image of the S.M.A.R.T. tab which showed that the reallocated sector count had failed so a hard drive replacement was required.
After the hard drive was replaced I haven’t heard from the user again, so I assume the replacement fixed the problem.

This time it wasn’t possible to go for the straight forward, but it’s always possible to go for less straight forward options.


BSOD Index
Windows Internals 7th Edition Part 1.

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